Porn-Based Data-Acquisition Device
There are limited pictures on this project, for obvious reasons. It's a device for studying male arousal to pornographic imagery while under the influence of alcohol. It was a collaboration at Idaho State University involving me in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, Mary Hofle in Mechanical Engineering, and Nikky Prause in Psychology. My part was the data acquisition system and some fabrication. And no, I had nothing to do with running the actual experiments.
The "sensors" looked like this. We made about 10 of them through a surprisingly long and convoluted process (especially for the sealant). This is the umpteenth repair on the poor strain gauge and its delicate wires, which continually got ripped out by test subjects.
These things were also subjected to nasty chemicals for cleaning, which took a toll of the connections. In the background are pieces of the AquaDog project.
The strain gauge connects to an ultra-sensitive measure device, which through another interface I designed (but didn't photograph) logs the results to a computer.