Maximum-Security Doggy Door
This project was to build a security doggy door. It has two parts: the door, and the lock guard.
The Boneheads, dogs that obviously don't get along.
The trick is to get the right size at the right height, especially since both dogs had packed on the weight after staying with grandma for a while.
Beta testing, including the slipper.
Now it was time to make the frame with a scary dado blade.
Cutting out the corner joints.
Then smoothing them.
And here it is. It's not fancy, but since this is probably a temporary solution anyway (it's a rental house), it's fine. The door is a cheap solid-core one I picked up because I obviously couldn't do this to the original one.
Loki approves.
Part 2 involved securing the human-door lock. The doggy door is offset away from the lock enough that it's not easy to reach in, but it was possible. There was a rash of burglaries with exactly this approach, so I needed something more secure.
This is fabricating a serious metal cage for the lock. It's overkill, but I had the materials on hand. The square tubing was left over from the bench project.