Test-Lead Holder
This project is a simple 12"x3" wall-mounted slotted holder for my many test leads, which otherwise end up tangled in a pile somewhere.
The RhinoCAD design.
The obligatory test cut on the blue foam.
Cutting the L-shape. Since this is the underside, the finish isn't too important.
Cutting the slots. This is actually a second pass (right to left) to trim some of the burrs.
Polypropylene isn't the easiest material to work with, but I wanted to use it to get more comfortable with it and because I have a huge pile of remnants, which conveniently included a piece exactly the size I needed. The swarf has a nasty tendency to fuse and jam the workpiece. It also wraps around the end mill frequently.
All done. The "peach fuzz" left over was later easily removed through a quick once-over with a torch.
And here it is mounted.