Boeing Tour
These are pictures from a group trip I led* with EWU Career Services in May 2013 for a VIP tour of the Boeing Everett plant. (*Actually, I slept the entire way there and back.) We had a group of 18 students, split almost evenly among computer science, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering. We're trying to establish an internship program.
On the plant floor in front of a 777 starboard engine (which itself is the diameter of a 737 fuselage).
The venerable 747.
The new 787.
The largest building in the world (by volume), roughly 30,000 employees, including some friends from yesteryear.
Not a student trip (the bus ride would have been excessive), but a trip to the main Airbus plant in Toulouse, France years ago and again in 2015 bears a lot of similarity. Airplanes are airplanes, after all.
However, that facility is less than a third in size.